Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Group:

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) was originally founded on the belief that our bodies are not made for our fast-paced, modern lifestyle, and that the demands of the modern world may be increasing the depression rate in our society. TLC aims to treat depression through teaching individuals how to make specific, lifestyle-based changes that may help people better adapt to the current pace of life. This treatment involves both the mind and the body. Dr. Steve Ilardi, author of The Depression Cure, and his team of researchers at University of Kansas have found TLC can be very effective in reducing symptoms of depression.

I have extensive experiencing in leading this group both clinically and in a research setting.  Additionally, I was a part of the group of researchers that helped revise the clinical manual for TLC.  I can teach these skills in a group or individual setting.  Contact me for more details!

See the link for Dr. Ilardi’s book here: The Depression Cure